4 Tips to Survive Your PMS this Month with a Token

Who loves dealing with PMS every month?

Definitely not the most favorite time of the month for many females and for multiple reasons. While it is NOT the most amazing phase of every month, we got to learn how to make it amazing.

While PMS symptoms vary from female to female, we all learn different tricks to make this phase Amazing. Some are all alone on this journey, while others have someone's help on this journey, like your mother, for example.  

Don't worry, not all of us have someone to help, this is why PMSBOX is great. It allows you to try to find the trick that works for you.

Here are some tricks that can help you survive PMS every month.


1. Eating Habits

Healthy habits are important, but who has the time to find all of the snacks that your body wants? Drinking more water is definitely the key, and if you are tired of it, mix it up with some warm tea. Warm tea tends to make my tummy much happier and warmer. Crunching on something helps me as well. It distracts me from all the pain and allows my body to enjoy the snack, whether it is sweet or salty it is a must for me. I have recently been craving sweet snacks, and you just have to give your body what it wants, right? One of the snacks I go to now is Sirens. ( Thanks for the introduction, PMSBOX)

2. Exercise.

Regular exercising helps in reducing PMS pain. Easy exercising option I found for myself is walking the dog. Walking my dog after work for about 15 minutes makes my dog happy and my PMS. On the weekends, I increase the time to 30 minutes. It is definitely hard to find time to do some exercise. But spending 15 min on yourself even at home doing something light is better than nothing at all. However, the only fear is the leak. Can you imagine? Having easy access to the menstrual product is essential for exercise to prevent any “OMG” moments.

3. Relaxation

After a good walk, you probably feel tired and tense up. It is time to roll on that essential oil on you with some fantastic, relaxing flavors and take a nap. Hiding under a blanket to watch a movie is also an option. I love leaving my essential oil diffuser for the night, but when I am at work the roll on is the go to. Very convenient to have something in your purse to ease your day.

4. Face Hygiene

Our hormones are all over the place resulting in potential PMS Acne. Skin problems can cause more stress to our daily life. Since our goal is to eliminate stress and pain, we need to prep our skin in advance. Good morning routine to clean your face with cleansing products can help keep your skin be healthier, may prevent the massive pimple attack. Simply wash your face twice a day when you brush your teeth, and apply some oil at night.

TOKEN. Surprise Yourself

Positive emotions are always a plus. A surprise factor is even better, while you wait for something every month, you tend to forget about the stress, pain and other negative factors. You have been waiting for the entire month for this. Your most amazing phase of the month. Fulfill yourself with happy hormones by treating yourself something nice every month. PMSBOX sends me a token of happiness by preparing me for the Amazing Period and a treat. What else can you ask for?

It takes time to learn what your body want. I found the perfect combo with PMSBOX; it allows me to customize the box for each month. If I feel adventures, I choose "Surprise me" option.

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