First Period Stories (Part 1)

"I started my first period at 12 years old while on summer vacation. I was spending most of my days at the pool. One day, I came home and noticed a stain, something weird and brown. I ignored it overnight. When morning came, I woke up to completely bloody underwear! I vaguely remember learning about periods in school. I hesitantly said to my mom, "I think I got my period and need a pad". I was just repeating what I heard in school but really had no idea what I was talking about. After helping me out, my mom went downstairs and announced to the whole family, "Christine is now a woman" How embarrassing! :)”


“It was that time of year where teenage girls had to go to the doctor for a check-up. My classmates a year older than me were not offered an option but were forced to go to the doctor, at least it felt like that, or how I remember it. In the middle of the class, our teacher called out my friend's name and told them what to bring and whom to go to. I was sitting behind my desk and was extremely embarrassed, and I knew next year would be my turn. As time went on, the day came. No, not the day to go to the doctor, but more like the “red day” in the calendar. I woke up not completely understanding what was happening and it’s still a blur now. The first day was so embarrassing; I tried to forget it for many years. But I could never forget the feeling of fear I had about using that GIANT pad. I thought, "people would see it through my pants which were made from a thin material!” So, I decided to use the thin pad. My mother was very supportive and helpful and gave me the pad I should have used. But, no. "I cannot have people see the pad through my pants,” I thought. So that being said, I wore the thin one (pantyliners) and later discovered that the flow was heavy and there was no way this thin one could absorb everything. And now for the most embarrassing moment in my entire life. That same day, I changed from school uniform to gym class uniform, which, did I mention, was WHITE! So, gym class, white uniform, running, jumping, and you know the rest. My best solution was to take off my sweater and tie it around my waist. The class was about 45 min, and for about 30 min I was in the girl's bathroom, trying to wash the blood off of my white uniform. That day the entire class knew that I started my period. However, I must say, in a class of 35 students, NO ONE LAUGHED or said anything hurtful to my face. I must say thank you to the parents who raised my classmates, especially the boys. Thank you.”


“So I started my period four days before celebrating my twelve and a half year birthday. My mom had always told me the average age to start your period was 12 and a half (this was a number of years ago in France). So, I guess I focused on that really hard until it happened.

It happened at a friend's house. We were playing a board game with my friends mom, and when we took a break I went to the restroom to pee. What a surprise when I saw my underwear FULL of blood. I was confused for half a second until I realized what it was. My first thought was "Damn it... here it is, 45 years to go.” Already so dramatic. My friend was with her mom downstairs and I yelled her name to come up and I guess I had a scary look on my face, because she asked "What happened, did you break something? It's ok if you did,” and I said "No no, I started my period.” I also remember whispering so her dad wouldn't hear and at the same time thinking "but mom said there was absolutely no shame.” So after I told my friend, she yelled in surprise, and happiness, and some more from surprise because I was her second friend starting my period at her house. I remember her mom being very “mom-friendly.” You know, that friend's mom you feel like you can easily talk to? I guess I subconsciously felt safe.”


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