Let’s Say It Out Loud: PERIOD!


Sabrina Paul, Blogger

Aunt Flo.
That time of the month.
Code Red.

No matter what we call it, when we hear it most of us cringe. Our period is not only associated with cramps, pain, acne, and cravings, it can also be associated with shame. Shamed for a naturally occurring body function, like breathing?! It often affects our daily routine. I have had friends change travel plans, workout routines, their social calendar, all based on their period. Oh, and if it comes unexpectedly off cycle (stupid hormones!) your stress level can increase tenfold. Let’s erase the stigma associated with the word “PERIOD.” To get the conversation started, I asked Sera to tell us about how the idea of PMSBOX came about:

I remember my first period. No one sat down and spoke to me about it. I remember being frustrated with the whole process. It felt really unfair. Men weren’t going through the pain and here I was in the restroom of Universal Studios bleeding like crazy.
I got it right before I went to high school. I hated every second of it. I remember having to hide pads when bringing them to the cash register. Being on your period was never a good thing.

After spending 16 years in the Middle East, I’ve came across many women who had similar mindset and experience towards “that time of the month.” I felt the urge and necessity to build a brand that cares about educating, empowering and inspiring women. I knew I had to tackle the menstrual process and perception first. Why should we be ashamed of having our periods?! The mindset should shift towards feeling powerful rather than feeling anything else. We have the ability to give life, and having your period I believe signifies that idea in a nutshell.”

Speaking to Sera brought back a flood of memories. I started my period very young; a few weeks before turning 10 years old. I had an older sister, so I heard about the infamous “period,” but the WHY part of it was never explained to me. My parents, who were coincidentally having a barbecue at our house with family and friends that day, turned it into a, “Sabrina is a WOMAN!” party.  I was horrified. The entire day people were congratulating me. I wanted to hide. Forever.


As a mom, I started the dialogue with both my daughter and son very early. My logic was that if they always knew about it, it would never be a taboo topic. It was a success.  They grew up knowing all about menstruation. While my 15 year old son would rather avoid the topic, he knows why it happens, and is empathetic to what women go through every month.

The PMSBOX would love to hear your experiences! Let’s make this a step in the direction of normalcy, with confidence, that girls and women across the globe will be able express themselves, and get adequate access to this basic female need.


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Sabrina Paul