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Think about the last time you had your period. How many pads, panty liners, and tampons did you use? Maybe you use a menstrual cup? How much did you spend for these products?

Now, imagine that you did not have the means to purchase these products. What if you simply did not have access to these products at all? What would you do if you did not have the option to buy an $8 box of pads, or a $0.25 emergency tampon in a public restroom? Today, 1.2 billion people have limited, or no access at all to menstrual products. Founder of PMSBOX, Sera Alper puts this best,

It’s a devastating occurrence that needs to change. Menstrual products are a basic need, not luxury.

PMSBOX’s goal is to make sure people anywhere in the world have access to menstrual products.

The team at PMSBOX has come up with a simple yet effective way to raise awareness, and meet our Goal: Reach 10 million menstruators in need. With a ‘one-supports-one’ model, PMSBOX began shipping to subscribers, and delivering to recipients on December 22, 2018. For each box that is purchased, menstrual products are sent globally to women in need. Sera, and PMSBOX COO, Damla are originally from Turkey, and have experienced firsthand the lack of hygiene supplies available in their home country.


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