Q: Why was PMSBOX started?
A: Period Poverty exists. 1.2 billion Women do not have access to menstrual products, or have only limited access. PMSBOX’s goal is to make sure women anywhere in the world have access to menstrual products.

Q: What is one-supports-one?
A: For every box that is purchased, we will send menstrual products to a woman in need. Each month the same woman on the other side of the globe will receive the feminine hygiene products that she needs. You will receive a little happiness with each box arriving at your door, knowing that you truly changed one woman's life.

Q: What’s in the box?
A: Your box will include five items from the categories below. Our goal is to improve your menstrual experience while giving you the same excitement you get when opening a gift! We hope it will make your day, while helping a woman in need.

  • Menstrual Products

  • Pain Relievers

  • Therapeutic Items

  • Beauty

  • Nutrition

Q: Is my PMSBOX personalized?
A: Yes! Your PMSBOX will be personalized. Depending on your lifestyle preferences we will send you the perfect box.

Q: Will I receive the same items each month?
A: Each month you will receive new items or you can simply put in a request to receive some of the previous items you love.

Q: Can I change my PMS preferences?
A: You can change your PMS preferences anytime. If you want your new box to reflect the changes, just make sure to make changes seven days before your box ships out.

Q: Can you customize my PMSBOX based on allergies?
A: Of course!

Q: PMSBOX or product(s) are damaged or missing.
A: Oh no! We will ship a new box to you.


Q: How do I subscribe?
A: Click to subscribe.

Q: When will I be billed?
A: For existing subscriptions, you will be charged the monthly fee and applicable sales tax for your recurring subscription between the first and fifth of each month. New subscriptions may be processed up until the 15th of the same month depending on box availability. If the current month’s box is out of stock, you will be charged between the first and the fifth of the following month.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: You can email info@pmsbox.co to cancel your subscription.


Q: When will I receive my first PMSBOX?
A: PMSBOX will arrive between the 22nd and 27th of every month. You will receive an email when your box ships, so you can track it to your doorstep.

Q: Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?
A: Yes, you can. Just make sure to change the shipment address to the address you would like to the box to arrive.

Q: What countries do you ship to?
A: At the moment, PMSBOX is only available in the US.

Q: How do I change my shipping address?
A: You can change your shipping address and billing info online through your account.. For any questions, you can email info@pmsbox.co.

Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: Shipping is FREE.

Q: How can I track my package?
A: You will receive an email each month with your order number and tracking information when your PMSBOX is on its way.