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With every PMSBOX sold, we give menstrual supplies to one in need

There is no better way to celebrate your period! Give yourself the best gift: a customizable PMSBOX! Your PMSBOX will include everything you need. From organic menstrual supplies, to delicious snacks, refreshing therapeutic products to high quality, organic beauty items give yourself the self-care you deserve.

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Your first PMSBOX includes trial sizes

We want you to explore PMSBOX with no commitment. Click here to get your mini PMSBOX.


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Build your PMSBOX

After your first PMSBOX, you will get to customize your box and treat yourself to amazing products.


Delivery: Right on Time

Your curated PMSBOX arrives at your door, right on time. Shipping included. Anytime you want, you can re-customize your box or skip a month.



With each PMSBOX purchase, we give menstrual supplies to one person in need around the world. We are determined to end period poverty. Click here to learn more and support.

We want you to absolutely fall in love with your customized PMSBOX. Absolutely no long term commitments. You can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time. If you are not happy with your box, we are not happy either. We will refund your money. If you have any questions or product recommendations, feel free to reach out to us! We want to hear from you. ❤️ “I want to send PMSBOX a note!”


“I was skeptical at first to receive another subscription box with products that I won’t be using. But i believed in the good behind the purchase so i went ahead and bought a box anyway. To my surprise, everything in this box is quality, quality, quality. Turned out to be my self-care package. Love the entire concept!! You go girls 🎊”

-Ayse, Springfield MA


“There are many PMS supplies out there. There are even many subscription PMS products you can subscribe to, but nothing compares to PMSBOX. The fact that everytime I receive my PMSBOX another woman in need receives a box is enough for me to keep on purchasing PMSBOX. Yet, there are so many other reasons PMSBOX is great. Every product that comes in PMSBOX is something I will use. They gave me an option between pads/ tampons & the tampons were organic, yay. The team let me know when my box was being shipped out & was very quick to respond to any questions I had prior to purchasing PMSBOX. Thank you PMSBOX team for everything you all are doing!”

-Celeste, Los Angeles CA


“When I first received my PMSBOX, I was super excited! It was like a Christmas or birthday gift where I had no idea what to expect or what would be inside. I was blown away. The amount of care that went into creating this package was immediately apparent. There were 7 items, all of which were geared towards making the time around my period much easier, much more relaxing. The best part? Everything was organic. From pads to snacks to skin care products, and smaller items to lift me up during this time, I really felt like every single item was well thought out. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face or wait to tell all of my friends about it! Thank you, PMSBOX!!”

-Christine, Los Angeles CA


“I was super excited to get my PMSBOX. Everything inside is carefully picked to make your period a little less stressful. From organic pads to organic snacks, and handmade Turkan towels, they strive to make your period a better experience. And best of all, not only do you benefit, but so does another woman in another part of the world who can't afford these comforts. I call that a win-win.“

-Snehaa, Princeton NJ


“When I first received my PMSBOX, I thought I knew what I was getting but it was honestly so much more. First off, being able to order this knowing they have organic tampons is everything. I like to know whats going into my body, so it’s great peace of mind seeing that these ladies agree. Everything in this box is such a thoughtful combination of exactly what you’ll need but more importantly want 🤓 My favorites from it is the facial cleansing oil. Let’s be real, on my period taking care of my face is low on my priory list and this helps aids me in some solid self care time and is ALSO eco friendly. Lastly, I loved the Tylenol in the box, because its always good to have some handy 😉“

-Karla, Los Angeles CA


“I can’t say how excited I was to get my PMSBOX. I’ve seen other PMS products, but nothing beats PMSBOX. I love everything about this little box. The packaging is very cute in its own way and convenient. They give you options between organic pads and organic tampons which is great. Every month they surprise you with different menstrual products which is very creative and unique. 

They provide everything, pads, pain reliever, beauty supplies, nutrition, and a beautiful sterling silver ring which is one of my favorites. I use sudsource face cleansing oil everyday. It’s amazing.  

Lot of good energy and hard work is behind this little box. Their goal is very inspiring and it makes me participate more and more. I appreciate and love what you all are doing. Keep it up girls ❤️”

-Sepideh, Los Angeles CA


“I remember that day like yesterday…. I had received my first PMSBOX, it was New Years Eve. My children came running, they told me the mail just arrived and there was a box at the door, it had my name on it. They asked me if they could open my box for me, and I said NO! See, I remember that day, because it was right around the time of month for me, my PMS week, when “NO” is my favorite word. I sat down, placed my PMSBOX on my lap, and immediately, I smiled. The verbiage on my 1st PMSBOX told me I was Amazing. Period. Just like that, before I even opened my PMSBOX, it became a “Yes” day for me. As I opened my PMSBOX, I reached inside and found seven unique treats, a big smile came across my face and I knew not only  was I going to have a great week, I would have a great year period.  As I went through all of the treats inside my PMSBOX…I knew my red river was coming, but with my PMSBOX on my lap, I was ready. So, I sat back as finally I knew, PMSBOX had me covered. I had found true gems in this box of wonders, even a sterling silver “Circle of Life” ring from Rumah jewelry resting in a beautiful cloth sack. I touched its smooth edges gently, slipped the ring on my finger, looked up to see my children, standing by, as they watched me smile. They were happy, I was happy, and all was simply amazing period. Xoxo”

-Nurse Rose ❤👩🏾‍⚕🌹, Los Angeles CA


“I am fortunate that when I was about to start having periods, my Mom was there to guide me through that milestone in my life and I had access to whatever supplies I needed to make an uncomfortable, messy, and sometimes painful menstrual experience as bearable as possible. Every menstruating person deserves to access to basic menstrual products and I am so inspired by PMSBOX’s mission to end period poverty. Not only is the mission of PMSBOX incredible, but so are the boxes themselves. Each item is organic, high-quality, and well thought out. From the variety of items included to the subtle but powerful details on the packaging, I loved every moment of unboxing my PMSBOX and look forward to seeing how these boxes improve the menstrual experiences of menstruating persons all over the world.

YOU are amazing PMSBOX. Period. <3”

-Katy, Los Angeles CA


“As a girl who tried to trick the system, I altered my birth control so that I didn’t have a monthly period. After deciding to stop hormonal birth control, I definitely felt the wave of PMS and it hit me unlike before. The most impressive part of opening the box wasn’t the contents inside, but knowing that with every PMSBOX purchased, they give menstrual supplies to a woman in need. I quickly thought back to how I was able to easily manipulate my cycle without worry while there’s women all over the world who don’t have that option and don’t even have the necessary products to get through their cycles comfortably. In the box there was a postcard that read, “Enjoy your box packed with happiness and good vibes.” I certainly felt the good vibes as I opened the package and hearing their mission. Inside includes everything you’d need to survive and practice self-care during your period.

Although I use a menstrual cup, the PMSBOX includes 14 100% organic tampons from Tampon Tribe (which will be great for backup), extra strength Tylenol in a perfect travel-size container and an exotic Turkan towel that’ll be great for my post-kettlebell yoga sessions. Plus, there’s vegan fig bars from Nature’s Bakery, non-toxic Sudsource face cleansing oil, two Sacred Solutions skincare salves and a beautiful circle of life sterling silver ring from Bingin Beach, Bali as the holiday bonus item. My favorites thus far are the vegan fig bars and the face cleansing oil. I must say, I was super excited to open this box. Knowing how this helps others is enough to improve your menstrual experience in and of itself, but with the additional items, it has definitely made me aware that I need to take time to not only to give back, but remember to give back to myself as well.”

-Charnelle, Williamsville NY


I am honestly surprised that so many items fit in my PMSBOX! I can't think of one item I did not like but I can think of my favorites! For the box of January it will have to be: Fig Bars by Natures Bakery, Cleansing Facial Oil from SudSource, and the Cicle of life ring from by Rumah! The fig bars only lasted two days with me. The facial oil is something I find myself using over and over-- I was hesitant about using oil on my face as I am prone to have an oily T-Zone but this cleansing oil felt so light and made my face feel so silky- I even went to work without makeup on! As for the ring, I am wearing it as I type out this review right now 🙂 Loving is and definitely a great box to subscribe to!

-Katrina, Los Angeles CA

Our Story

Founder Sera Alper created PMSBOX with the aspiration of helping, caring, and inspiring menstruators to give back.


"As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world."

— Virginia Woolf