Beauty Item: Skinbuzz PMS Skincare Set

Beauty Item: Skinbuzz PMS Skincare Set


Clean•Bee Organic Cleanser features propolis, a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory substance used by honeybees to strengthen their hives. Along with a powerful blend of white willow, aloe vera, and cucumber, Clean•Bee naturally heals and soothes skin while preventing breakouts.

Coal•Bee Mask enlists activated charcoal and bentonite clay to gently purify, deep clean and exfoliate, giving you a healthy glow.  Featuring propolis and royal jelly, it’s safe for sensitive acne prone skin and can be used twice a week.  Tip- Use the mask right before the shower for an easy rinse. 

Bee•Witched Organic Toner combines the healing power of propolis (bee resin) with witch hazel, a natural antioxidant.  With soothing aloe vera and brightening citrus, this toner fights acne-causing bacteria and leaves your skin with a clean, healthy glow.

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