PMSBOX with Pads

PMSBOX with Pads

39.99 every month

There is no better way to celebrate your period! Give yourself the best gift: a customizable PMSBOX! Your PMSBOX will include everything you need. From organic menstrual supplies, to delicious snacks, refreshing therapeutic products to high quality, organic beauty items give yourself the self-care you deserve.


PMSBOX Pads includes hypoallergenic pads, made with 100% certified organic cotton supplied by Tampon Tribe. Each PMSBOX comes with 10 pads: 5 Day, 5 Night. No toxins, chemicals, dyes or chlorine bleaches. These ultra-thin pads are light and breathable. Designed specifically for day and night with a biodegradable polymer for adhesion, you’re saving the planet as well as your body . In addition to all-natural pads, you can customize your PMSBOX by selecting one product from the categories below.

  • Beauty

    • Fragrance

    • Face Cleansing Oil

    • Facial Scrub

    • Organic Makeup Remover

    • Skincare Set (Cleanser, Toner, Charcoal Mask)

  • Therapeutic

    • Essential Oils with nature-inspired scents

    • Herbal Teas

    • Salves

  • Nutrition

    • Sweet

    • Salty

    • Spicy

    • Sour

  • Token

    • Handmade items made by international artisans

  • Pain Relief

    • For severe PMS pain add over the counter pain relievers